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Welcome to Juniper our Principal Sponsor

This year, the Ageing Well Expo is thrilled to announce Juniper as its Principal Sponsor.


Juniper, one of Western Australia’s largest non-profit, local aged care providers, champions individualised care, ensuring that its customers stay connected to the people, passions, and places they love.


Juniper offers a range of services to support older Western Australians, whether it's in their home or one of theirs. Juniper Home Care support people in their own homes to keep doing, or get back to, those things in life that bring them joy whilst staying healthy and independent. An in-house team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and nurses support with clinical care, while home and social support services offer help like personal care, meal planning, cleaning, companionship, transportation, and shopping.


In their Residential Aged Care Homes, Juniper partners with individuals to make the best decision for their needs, providing a warm and welcoming environment backed by 24/7 quality care. Choosing a Juniper Retirement Living Village means joining a vibrant and caring community, offering safety and a comfortable home for enjoying life.


With locations right across the state, Juniper understands the importance of community and culture and being a part of both.


To learn more, and to meet some of the team, come along to the Ageing Well Expo on Friday, August 2, and Saturday, August 3, at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.


Click here to find out more about Juniper.


For more information on the expo, please visit our website here.

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