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Relax at the LiveUp Retreat and enjoy some Jazz at the Expo

The LiveUp Retreat serves as a relaxing area where visitors can unwind, socialise with friends, or engage in one-on-one consultations with exhibitors.


LiveUp is powered by a not-for-profit that is funded by the Australian Government. They are focused on helping people stay independent through healthy ageing with a comprehensive list of exercise classes, product suggestions, and local groups so you can age your way.


LiveUp also have a stand at the expo where you can learn more and receive free healthy information and resources.


This year, the expo will again have the roaming musicians – Melody Master Jazz Trio. They will provide a relaxing edge to the event while you enjoy the LiveUp Retreat and the expo.


Click here to find out more about LiveUp here.


For more information on the expo, please visit our website here.

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