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Hear about the link between hearing health, dizziness and falls from Lions Hearing Clinic

This year on the Bethanie Central Stage Dr Barbara Heinze, Senior Audiologist and Vestibular Specialist from Ear Science Institute Australia (Lions Hearing Clinic) will be presenting on the link between hearing health, dizziness and falls.


The presentation will explore how our ears are related to balance and dizziness. Highlighting Perth-based research from Ear Science Institute Australia, they will identify the risk factors for and the impact of untreated hearing loss and dizziness.


Dr Barbara Heinze is a Senior Audiologist and Vestibular specialist at Ear Science Institute Australia, Perth. She holds a bachelor degree in Audiology and Speech Pathology, a Masters degree in Early Childhood Intervention and a Doctorate degree in Audiology. Her clinical and research interests are diagnostic audiology and balance assessments and rehabilitation.


To hear the full presentation come along to the Bethanie Central Stage at the Ageing Well Expo on Friday, 2 August at 1:00pm.


If you are hard of hearing, Lions Hearing Clinic will also be providing complimentary hearing headphones near to the Bethanie Central Stage. These headphones will enhance the clarity and volume of the speakers during seminars. Simply register for the hearing headphones at the Stage to access this service.


The Expo will be on Friday, 2 August, and Saturday, 3 August, 9.30am – 4.00pm daily at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.


Register for free tickets online here.

For more information on the expo, please visit our website here.

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