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Get your Aroha Care Show Bag at the Expo

Upon entry, each visitor will receive a complimentary Aroha Care show bag. These will contain the Expo program, along with informational materials from exhibitors and other aged care companies.


As one of Australia’s most trusted recruitment agencies, Aroha Services is dedicated to delivering innovative, effective, and assured recruitment solutions to the Australian Healthcare and Aged Care industries.


At Aroha Care Group, their commitment extends beyond individual support to encompass the broader community.  They understand that building strong, supportive networks is essential for fostering a sense of belonging and mutual support among our clients.


Other companies with inserts in the showbag include:

·        Amana Living

·        Anglicare

·        Auscare Group

·        Avivo

·        Bethanie

·        CPE Group

·        Have A Go News

·        Juniper

·        Meath Care

·        MercyCare

·        WA Aged Care Financial Solutions


Come along to the Ageing Well Expo on Friday, 2 August, and Saturday, 3 August, at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre to get your show bag and learn more about Aroha Care Group.


Click here to find out more about Aroha Care Group here.


For more information on the expo, please visit our website here.

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Join on the expo’s Facebook here.

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