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Create a Brighter Future with the Ageing Well Expo!

New technology, a different attitude to getting older, options about aged care accommodation and many other innovations have seen the way we approach ageing change dramatically over the last decade.

There is more optimism about the future and a belief that an older generation can still make worthwhile contributions to the community.

The Ageing Well Expo to be held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre on Friday, August 2 and Saturday, August 3 will allow visitors to delve into some of these opportunities with more than 80 exhibitors showcasing products and services to unlock the future and to age well.

From exercise to eating well, household appliances designed for older users, to volunteering opportunities, and where and how to live, are among the dozens of options to explore at the expo.

There is no entry charge so come along and discover how to create a brighter future.

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